11 Ways Your Office Need to Increase Work Productivity


“Happiness inspires productivity”, hope we all agree with this. If a person is happy and comfortable, then productivity follows. For a workplace, it’s very important to have good environment and surroundings. With better decor and positive vibes, every employee feel charged up and it lead to organisational as well as personal growth of employees.

Today we are sharing 15 tricks which will help you get maximum result from your employees. These small changes will surely enhance your overall results: –

1. Comfortable Furniture with Good Set Up
The chair and desk must be comfortable and adjustable according to height of employee. Furniture plays an important role in office environment. Employee must be comfortable in sitting as it’s not a matter of 1-2 hours, it’s for 8-9 hours every day.

Tips: –
• The chair must be adjustable
• It must have back support
• Distance between chair and table should not be much
• Chair must adjust everyone’s size so that the body must fit in it properly

2. Color That Suits
Every color has a meaning and thus, they should be chosen wisely while selection. For workplace, the colors must be soothing which may not stress the eye muscles. Also, it affects the mood and the brain.

1. Study on what color to use for what reason and then choose wisely.
2. Apart from cubicles, other places like game room, rest room and gym room should be designed with relevant wall papers.
3. Read more about colors here.

3. Avoid Dark Lighting
Whether it’s home or office, no one likes dull or dark lighting. Lighting must be soothing to eyes as it has an impact on energy and mood of people around. Proper lighting reduces the stress of eyes while working on computer or mobile phones.

4. Green Brings Peace
To bring freshness, it’s always good to have plants around. If you have a good space then planting is all you need to make the air and the environment fresh. When plants are around, positive vibes and the oxygen flow stays in, which refreshes and fill everyone’s mood with freshness.

5. Video Conference/Meeting Room
The working cubicles should be at a distance from other rooms to avoid disturbance while working. Rooms like conference room or meeting room should be away from the main working hall.

6. When It’s Play Time
Every office should have a game zone where the employees can relax and play. The games that refreshes mind and decreases stress are appreciated. Games also bring unity when played in groups.

7. When Stress Meets Peace On RoofTop
If you have a rooftop then utilize it as the social space to hangout and talk. Make it little funky and cool by using posters and colorful chairs around. This helps the employee to get their own space in open air and feel peace sometimes when stressed.

8. A Hygienic Cafeteria
Cafeteria which can give taste and hygiene like home is a must have for every workplace. The variety of items on menu can be less but surroundings should be clean and hygienic.

9. Gym Room For All
Providing a little space for gym is a good investment. Everyone loves more facilities in their workplace so to energize employees towards productivity, these little things works a lot.

10. Posters That Suit The Room
Some motivational and success quotes are always good to have around to keep up with positivity and inspiration to work. Also, the other rooms can have relevant posters to feel the atmosphere of the room.

11. Time to brainstorm
Always listen to employees. Many people leave job because they didn’t feel their value in their work place. Every idea should be respected and therefore brainstorm session helps to interact more with team and new comers as well. It also help the organisation to bring up new ideas.

These all things not only help you to increase productivity but also results in building relation with employees. Your staff starts thinking about the organisation and feel connected, which in return gives you long term dedicated employees.