10 Simple Ways To Eliminate Stress At Workplace


It’s very well said that “Never stress over what you can’t control”. Stress is something that causes a state of strain and tension. In today’s hectic world, people do not find time to balance their work life. Due to work pressure or work place conflicts, Some people don’t get time for their family and friends which leads to stress and depression sometimes.

In this world of winning & losing, being into state of stress is not the only option. One can deal with stress in a productive manner effectively.

Some of the causes of stress could be:
a) Working under pressure
b) Unhappy with the job and work
c) Long working hours
d) Conflicts between the employees and the top management
e) Competition among the employees

Here are some tips to deal with the stress at workplace:

1. Meditate
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Meditation lifts us above the life’s storm clouds.It is about getting good at life. This shortens the duration of the angry thoughts that the mind sends and puts us in a peaceful and calm state.

2. Love what you do-enjoy your work

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You should find enjoyment in your work. Doing so is very valuable to your life in many ways and hence increase productivity.

3. Keep your desk tidy

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Messy and untidy work space isn’t conducive to being productive.

4. Take breaks throughout the day

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Breaks are particularly re-energizing if workers spend the time doing something they enjoy. This freshens the mind and helps in reducing stress at work place. Employees who take short and frequent breaks during the day have more stamina.

5. Establish healthy relationships with colleagues

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The work is more enjoyable when we have good relationships with colleagues.
Also, people are more likely to go along with changes that you wish to implement if you have healthy relationships around. This also helps you get more support from team.

6. Act rather than react

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Do not let the things go out of control and even if that happens, do not stress. Rather try to find out way to overcome it. One should always walk towards positive.

7. Eliminate Interruptions

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You may not have control over the interrupters, but  you can control your responses.
Most of us are bombarded during the day with the e-mails, phone calls, pop ins, instant messages and sudden urgent deadlines that conspire to make us more distracted than ever.

8. Self-talk

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Self-talk is one way to deal with stress. Self talks bring out major causes of stress and helps you in de-stress. Move from “I Cannot/Never” To “I can/Have to”.
Negative self-talk increases stress. Positive self-talk helps you calm down and control stress.

Positive self-talk motivates us and hence helps us going!

9. Relax-Finding pleasure

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If  you feel stressed at workplace then do what makes you feel good like talking to colleagues, having coffee or meal with friends.

Take out some time from day and focus on breathing, walking and enjoying meal.

10. Always have a To-Do-List

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Creating and updating your to-do list makes planning your day ahead a lot easier and puts you more in control.
Always create a check list at the starting and end of each working day, so that when you start your work, you must know exactly what needs to be done on the basis of priority. Such an arrangements makes work lot easier and helps in reducing stress.

So, hope all the above tips would help you get de-stress from your work place pressure and make you move towards the positive. Share it more to reduce stress in your friends and family life.